taking care of mental wellness

Taking Care of Mental Wellness Before It Becomes an Issue Is a Competitive Edge for Your Overall Physical and Mental Health

Learn ways to improve mental wellness and support your mental health on and off base

Servicewomen need to prioritize mental wellness and train for mental and emotional resilience. Daily habits can improve your skills and performance.

First, the basics

  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Exercise
  4. Stay hydrated

Next, create a specific goal or practice that helps support your mental wellness regularly.

Daily routines to improve mental wellness

  • Practice meditation, yoga, deep breathing, exercise 
  • Attend therapy or support groups with a shared interest or hobby
  • Practice gratitude — shift your mindset to what you are thankful for instead of what you are stressed about
  • Add moments of mindfulness to your morning routine to prepare for the day
  • Listen to music, journal, take walks, pet an animal
  • Turn off screens before bed and read or do relaxation exercises instead

Support your mental health off base

  • Take resilience workshops offered by nonprofits like the Red Cross
  • Go to free, confidential counseling offered by Give an Hour
  • Attend community support groups through your place of worship or local clubs
  • Join social media or MeetUp groups and use local apps to get connected to people outside the military
  • Go for walks on trails or in parks
  • Visit coffee shops and libraries that showcase local events and information
  • Use confidential mental health apps that can help with breathing, meditation, journaling, positive affirmations and relaxation

Support your mental health on base

  • Attend women’s small groups through command or chaplains 
  • Request referrals to on-base counseling and MFLC (Military Family Life Counselor)
  • Join fitness classes at the gym
  • Take stress management and emotional wellness classes from the Family Center
  • Make use of mental health services from the base medical facility
  • Attend community events through MWR 
  • Find other service members to act as “accountability partners” for fitness goals

DoD programs for service members

  • Real Warriors Campaign
  • Psychological Health Resource Center
  • InTransition Program
  • Military Crisis Line
  • Tricare mental health services
  • Military OneSource counselors and wellness apps

When preparing for a deployment or PCS move

  • Prepare ahead of time, plan for the unexpected — have a game plan in place before you even get orders 
  • Know who your contacts are to lean into during stressful events 
  • Recognize that during these times, mental wellness basics are even more essential, and take care of yourself first
  • Remember that stress is embedded in the job, so other people have been through it before — you aren’t alone


This resource was created with support from the Ready, Healthy & Able program funders.

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taking care of mental wellness

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